Saturday, January 29, 2011

sundays like this

1. Cathode Ray patch by agogodesigns
2. Double Orchid by windsomhollow
3. Coffe Bean tote by beecountry
4. four hearts by fawnyerby


  1. I have just recently purchased patches from aGoGoDesigns, as your link points to: .

    Joel Thomas (the sole proprietor) is a highly-talented creative force. He has a unique artistic vision of the present influenced from our country's past, catapulting the vintage to the the virtual onto raw materials. His creativity is blended with genuine ambition for pushing the edges of style - presenting pure human soul through practical products - all brought to life with a real community effort, engaging friends, family, strangers and neighbors in support of fine art....

    In other words, I highly recommend this artist. :)

  2. Joel Thomas is a talented artist and possesses an artist's eye and a motivation unsurpassed by anyone I've seen in a while. He is able to take any raw material and see it in a totally new way, transforming it into a work of art, and something we can truly relate to in a very practical way. I look forward to purchasing more of his work and continue to be amazed at the ideas this guy comes up with.