Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Windsom Hollow Blog Features Team Naturalist Creations!

Check out great team members creations featured in this post on the Windsome Hollow blog!
(click the pic)
thanks katy!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

In The Garden

1. Vintage Bottles from shavingkitsupplies
2. Antique Botanical Print from pegandawl
3. French Cane Sofa from pariscoutureantiques
4. Garden Boots from captaincat

Beautiful Specimens

1. Air Plant from tohold
2. Botanical Bird Earings by christinedomanic
3. Vintage Glass Dome by littlebyrdvintage
4. the Collectors Shelf from captaincat

sundays like this

1. Cathode Ray patch by agogodesigns
2. Double Orchid by windsomhollow
3. Coffe Bean tote by beecountry
4. four hearts by fawnyerby

To Fly or Swim

1. Butterfly Necklace by myselvagedlife
2. Gold Lace Ring by ardent 1
3. Free to be free print by urbanpeacephotog
4. Barnacle Sculpture by paulandkatestudio

faded yellows

1. Black bird print by hocus
2. Antique Tin Star from pariscoutureantiques
3. seahorse silver ring by ardent1

Earth Tone Accents

1. Primitive Dome trunk from pariscoutureantiques
2. Tribal Rug Pillow by mothersatelier
3. Felted Pebbles by stemellinasupplies